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Education For Photographers - Aleah

The Look And Feel Of The Image Matters.

Chris Routt, Founder + MBA + Professor Of Business + Photographer

We Are Chasers Of Light, Fashion Junkies, With Our Point Of Departure Being To Make Amazing Images. We Hope Our Knowledge And Experience Will Help You To Create Better Images.

Good Technique doesn’t necessarily make a great photograph.. The Feel Of The Image Is Much More Important!

CHRIS ROUTT – Founder + MBA + Professor Of Business + Portrait Photographer.

Education For Photographers - Gracie

Image Quality First, Everything Else Will Fall Into Place.

Ken Avery Kneringer, Founder + Master Photographer + Photographic Craftsfman

Welcome To KR Portrait Artists – Education For Photographers! Chris And I Are Excited About This New Journey To Help Portrait Photographers Realize Their Full Potential. I Offer The Experience That Comes With Shooting Thousands And Thousands Of Portraits Starting In 1984.

My Hope Is That The Content We Share Will Be Of Benefit To All That Land Here! We Invite You To Join Us On A Journey Of Learning, Self Discovery, And Self Improvement For Photographers.

KEN AVERY KNERINGER – PPA Master Photographer + Photographic Craftsman.

Education For Photographers - Julia

A Journey To Help Portrait Photographers Realize Their Full Potential

We Realize There Is A Lot Of Education For Photographers Available In Many Different Formats, Courses For Photographers, Membership Sites For Photographers, And Workshops For Photographers. Seems Like Everybody Is Teaching A Course, Many Without Any Significant Credentials. This Is Different! While We Still Label It As Education For Photographers, Our Courses And Workshops Are Taught By Ken Kneringer And Chris Routt.

Both Ken And Chris Are Active Photographers, With Over 20 Years Experience Each, And Tens Of Thousands Of Shutter Presses. Ken Kneringer Is A PPA Master Photographer And Photographic Craftsman, Chris Has An MBA, And Operates A Thriving Senior Portrait Business. We Have Been Instructors, Speakers, And Fashion Shooters For Some Of The Top Photographic Organizations Including, PPA, Senior Portrait Artists, Seniors Ignite, After Dark EDU, Photography Schoolhouse, As Well As Many Local Photography Organizations.

What Makes Our Education For Photographers Different

So We are Qualified – But What makes Us Different? Our Courses For Portrait Photographers Are Designed Not Only To Help You Perfect Your Craft, But Also To Get You To Think Differently, To Help You Create A Photographic Style That Sets You Apart From All The Other Photographers Out There. We Believe That In A World Of Commoditized Photography, That You, The Photographer, Is What Will Make The Difference In The Marketplace. We Concentrate More On The Art Of Photography And How It Applies To The Portrait Photographer, Not Just A Set Of Skills To Mimic.

Our Goal On This Journey Is To Help You Become An Artist With A Unique Style, Not Just A Better Photographer. To Become An Artist That Creates Purposeful, Inspiring, Portraits Instead Of Simply Pressing The Button. To Truly Think About What You Want To Create Instead Of Just Following The Pack. To Control Your Shoot – Not Let The Client Or The Shoot Control You.

Welcome To Out Website – There Is A Lot Of Free Education For Photographers Here. Take A Look Around, Get A Feel For What We Can Offer. When You Are Ready We Would Be Honored To Be Able To Help You On Your Journey. If You Have Questions, Or Want To Sign Up For A Course, Workshop, Or Mentoring, Fill Out The Contact Form, Chris Or Ken Will Get Back To You As Soon As Possible. Thanks For Visiting!!